Communications Suite

Integrity Systems Combines the "Best in Clas" Alternative Operating System "altOS" with a unique, cost-effective, secure mobile communication software application "ISC-GT1", that can be utilized on additional client devices, including tablets, laptops and desktops.

ISC-GT1 is a full-service obfuscated, secure and E2E encrypted communications solution that empowers enterprise customers to work at home and throughout the world with confidence that their associations, communications, data, devices and intellectual property are secure and protected. Integrity systems has also integrated ATAK, a superb situational awareness kit for use within the communications suite.

ISC-GT1 provides a multi-stage approach to securing your organization by encrypting communications, mitigating mobile threats, and protecting your devices.

  • Superior security, easy to deploy, manage, use and support
  • E2E Encrypted text, voice, video, and file sharing between trusted and authenticated users
  • Encrypted global out of network calling with unique private and temporary numbers
  • Obfuscates identity of endpoints from others
  • No personally identifiable information (PII), such as name, email or phone number required

The Google Pixel 6 or newer is the recommended phone for the Integrity Systems Communications Tier 1 package.

The ISC-PRO/PRO+ secure communications application can be provided for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy products if required.

altOS was designed to provide seamless protection for "high threat" end users within various government agencies that are routinely targeted by nation states, terrorists, and/or organized crime. It mitigates risk to on-site and remote personnel caused by mobile location tracking, leakage of sensitive information, and supply chain compromise. altOS offers organizational OS and update controls beyond leaking or trackable commercially available devices, while being more affordable and easier to use and maintain.

  • Combine multiple devices into one with multiple containers
  • Sensitive site operations; support control; modems, cameras, mics, and tracking. 

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